Star Wars Battlefront 2 Single Player Story Faced The Reality Of Palpatines Demise

Star Wars Battlefront 2 story mode delves into the plot of the single player mode.  The story focuses on the character of Squad Commander Iden Versio played by Janina Gavankar.  

The clip starts over Vardos, which is located in Imperial space. It opens with the final instructions of the Emperor as he gives the assignment of crushing the rebels to Commander Versio's father, the Admiral of the Empire Fleet. The Admiral decides to show his daughter the Emperor's message which comes from a mysterious messenger.

It is revealed that the Emperor's plan is secret and Inferno Squad Commander Iden Versio isn't authorized for the final instructions just yet. Could the Emperor have planned something so sinister only the loyalest of Generals and Admirals would be able to complete his task? What we do know about the story mode is as follows:

It chronicles the events after Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi. From the Imperial point of view, we follow the saga of the Inferno Squad.  Watching the final moments of the destruction of the Death Star, The Inferno Squad are the special forces group within the Imperial Force. They are on the planet of Endor as the Emperor is defeated.  Leading the team is Squad Commander Iden Versio, played by actress Janina Gavankar.

Gavankar is an avid gamer and her countless contributions in pop culture as an actress makes her a great fit to be a part of the biggest science fiction franchise of all time.  

Being perfectly cast as Iden Versio, she brings an intensity and a uniqueness to the character, and brings a new element to the Star Wars Universe.  It is very interesting to see the saga told from the eyes of Iden Versio, a squad commander in the Empire.  This would make her a very important character and her inclusion adds to its rich history of characters and iconic backgrounds of the world. Versios presence lays the groundwork for other new characters who played critical parts in the Star Wars Trilogy. We finally get a glimpse of these figures and their roles in the intergalactic war.

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