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FIFA18 Winter Update Serie A player data changes | Data

FIFA18 winter update English Premier League player data changes list

The data update based on the performance from the first half of 2017 to 18, the second wave of updated player is Serie A, see below:

(Figure does not matter does not matter, pull down)

A few more glances at a glance:

(The first number below each player is the X1 platform player price, the second is the PS4 platform player price)

Juventus have five players change, Inter 4, Napoli 5, Rome 2, while AC Milan only 1.

With Moti Lai and Ikardy soaring, the two strikers performed exceptionally well in the first half of the season, matching the increase.

At the same time Lazio midfielder Milinkeweiqi Savage rose sharply, it is consistent with his recent performance, feeling Lazio could not keep him this summer. This week is likely to be three black, I bought two black, good to use.

Inter Milan defender Slovakia defender Shkirnyar jumped 6 points in value.

Only a single Cutro in Milan rose 6 points, the speed soared.

FIFA18 winter update several rules:

1, the player lineup or the card data in the market unchanged, the latest data card out from the card package;

2, if a player data update, total rating greater than or equal to his IF (In Form) card, such as black card, then all of his IF card capabilities will be enhanced;

3, if a player data update, the overall rating is lower than his IF card, such as black card, then all of his IF card capacity unchanged;

4, Halloween screaming card is not affected.

Winter update some of the other data (not affected by the rules 1 above, that is, the player holds the card will change)

Counter up (some important players):

Debraone 4 --> 5
Depei 2  --> 3
Rushford 3  --> 4
Fancy star sm rises (some of the most important players):

Bonaventure 3  --> 4
Millingkovich Savage 3  --> 4
Vazquez 3  --> 4

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